E-commerce Integration

Using a combination of local and online processes, businesses use a concept called ecommerce integration to maximize their revenue opportunities and improve efficiency.

Ecommerce integration is the processing of orders and financial transactions by using a website in conjunction with a traditional model of doing business.
With an eBridge Connections eCommerce integration solution, customer and sales order information is automatically entered into the back-office ERP or accounting system from the eCommerce storefront. In turn, product information, inventory, and shipping details are automatically entered into the eCommerce platform to provide customers with essential and up-to-date information.
Many entrepreneurs use ecommerce as a way of getting their products in front of potential customers and providing information and support for their company
Small business ecommerce sites are often called shopping carts or payment gateways, as they are basically a virtual basket that customers can place products in for purchase
There are many industries and organizations using ecommerce integration as part of their processes.
Due to the increase in mobile technology, consumers and businesses are relying more on ecommerce solutions to provide the means of getting information, products and services to others in a more cost-efficient manner.
Ecommerce integration has become more important as customers are buying more products online


  • This allows consumers to quickly make purchases and manage transactions without requiring human contact or support.
  • Able to sell products quickly and efficiently by using ecommerce integration in small businesses.