Drushti Cloud Email Archiving

Email archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in e-mail messages even before it is delivered so it can be accessed quickly at a later date.

Email archiving enables you to meet the terms of retention rules applicable to your business. All company emails are stored in a central and secure location from which they can be retrieved easily, enabling you to respond rapidly and reliably to any legal requests.

Up to 75 percent of information critical to a company’s business is saved in the form of emails. Drushti Email Archiving allows you to store this data permanently for optimal use.

Email Archiving Plans start from USD 7.15 per mailbox. Call +91. 9588495365 for details.


  • Ability to capture all email messages including incoming, outgoing and internal emails
  • Web-Interfaced technology for easy access by administrators, auditors, and end users
  • Use default retention policies or create your own policies to fit your company needs
  • Reduce email storage and management costs
  • Ability to lock and unlock emails, useful in litigation holds
  • Archive Public Folders
  • Multiple Active-Directory Support
  • Offers Single Instance Storage
  • Encrypted, Tamper-Proof protection of emails
  • Information Leak Detection and Prevention
  • Content Monitoring and Filtering Solution
  • Data Loss Prevention


  • Reduce your storage requirements
  • Eliminate PSTs (Personal Storage Table)
  • Retention policies
  • Automatic or manual archiving
  • Regulatory Compliance and eDiscovery
  • Total Protection Against Data Loss
  • Independence and Security
  • Fast Search for All Users Increases Productivity
  • Reduce the Workload of Mail Servers
  • One-Click Restore for All Users
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Elimination of Mailbox Quotas
  • Simplify Mail Server Backup and Restore
  • Uninterrupted Access to All Emails When Servers Fail
  • Centralization of Distributed Emails
  • Increased server performance