Drushti Cloud Email Archiving

Email archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in e-mail messages even before it is delivered so it can be accessed quickly at a later date.

Email archiving enables you to meet the terms of retention rules applicable to your business. All company emails are stored in a central and secure location from which they can be retrieved easily, enabling you to respond rapidly and reliably to any legal requests.

Up to 75 percent of information critical to a company’s business is saved in the form of emails. Drushti Email Archiving allows you to store this data permanently for optimal use.

Email Archiving Plans start from Rs 517/- per mailbox. Call +91. 9588495365 for details.


  • Ability to capture all email messages including incoming, outgoing and internal emails
  • Web-Interfaced technology for easy access by administrators, auditors, and end users
  • Use default retention policies or create your own policies to fit your company needs
  • Reduce email storage and management costs
  • Ability to lock and unlock emails, useful in litigation holds
  • Archive Public Folders
  • Multiple Active-Directory Support
  • Offers Single Instance Storage
  • Encrypted, Tamper-Proof protection of emails
  • Information Leak Detection and Prevention
  • Content Monitoring and Filtering Solution
  • Data Loss Prevention


  • Reduce your storage requirements
  • Eliminate PSTs (Personal Storage Table)
  • Retention policies
  • Automatic or manual archiving
  • Regulatory Compliance and eDiscovery
  • Total Protection Against Data Loss
  • Independence and Security
  • Fast Search for All Users Increases Productivity
  • Reduce the Workload of Mail Servers
  • One-Click Restore for All Users
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Elimination of Mailbox Quotas
  • Simplify Mail Server Backup and Restore
  • Uninterrupted Access to All Emails When Servers Fail
  • Centralization of Distributed Emails
  • Increased server performance