Live Chat Features

Web Based Live Chat
Just launch a web browser on any computer to begin providing live chat assistance.
Transfer chat
Transfer the chat and connect the visitor to an operator that can further assist with certain inquiries.
Party “is typing” indicator
Each party (visitor and operator) is notified when the other is typing a message.
Operator to operator chat
Operators can request chats with one another to relay messages internally.
Canned responses
Faster than typing, create canned responses for quick answers to frequently asked questions.
Chat request routing
Evenly distribute chat requests with round robin or defined order.
Simultaneous chat request routing
All operators receive the chat request at the same time.
Chat request loop
Loop the chat request to online operators more then once.
Operator initiated chat
Display a chat invitation image to the visitor and lend assistance, proactively.
Automatic chat invitation popular
Automatically invite visitors to chat based on certain criterias.
View active chats
As a setup admin, view active chat session transcripts in real-time.
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Traffic Monitor

  • Website traffic monitor
    Monitor your website traffic throughout the day to gather traffic trends and reports.
  • Visitor information
    View refer URL, browser type, footprints and other visitor informations in real-time.
  • GeoIP Addon
    View the country, city and the map location on Google Maps. Addon FREE to download at the client area.

Marketing Tools

  • Social media profiles
    Display social profile links within the visitor chat window.
  • Chat marquee messages
    Display announcement messages to the visitor with chat footer marquee messages.
  • URL click tracking
    Track the click through rates of URLs and ad campaigns.


  • Upload company logo
    Personalize the chat window with your company logo.
  • Upload online/offline chat icons
    Upload custom online/offline chat icons to match your website look and feel.
  • Visitor Chat Window Themes
    Select from many chat window themes to choose from.
  • Operator Console Window Themes popular
    Each operator can set their operator console window theme.
  • Chat window language pack
    Chat request window can be updated to display a language of your choice.

Reports & Status

  • Chat session rating
    Rate the level of chat assistance at the end of every chat session.
  • Chat accepted/declined stats
    View reports showing performance trends and daily chat activities.
  • Operator duration online
    Track the total duration the operator has been online with built-in automated timecards.
  • Footprint and refer URL
    Track the visitor page views, footprint data and the refer URL.
  • Save Offline Messages
    Offline messages (leave a message) are saved for tracking and reference.

Setup Options

  • Department settings
    Chat gretting, offline message, email settings and more, for each department.
  • Operator settings
    Chat rating, view IPs, traffic monitor settings and more, for each operator.
  • Assign an operator to multiple departments popular
    One operator can manage and support multiple departments.


  • Sound alerts
    New chat requests and new chat response sound alerts.
  • Desktop notification
    Receive a helpful popup notification box directly on your computer desktop.
  • Mobile SMS alert
    New chat request mobile SMS alert.