SSL Certificates Build Customer Confidence and Protect Your Site Information

Secure Your Site with an SSL Certificate

A dedicated SSL certificate will allow you and your customers to conduct Internet transactions referencing a secure URL at your own domain name: Adding an SSL certificate to your website lets your customers know their personal information is safe and transactions are secure in two ways. First, an https prefix will display in their address bar to identify your site as protected. And secondly, a certificate will be issued to encrypt data transfers like credit card numbers, and to identify your website as matching information on file with the Certificate Authority.

Add An SSL Certificate Now

Drushti offers two options for adding an SSL certificate to your hosting plan.


  1. Drushti’s  SSL Certificate Configuration.
  2. Offering is provided by a third party. You’ll purchase the SSL Certificate from the respective providers and then Drushti can install it on your account.


QuickSSL Certificate Configuration (

SSL Certificate Configuration

  1. CSR generation
  2. To implementation of CA certificate
  3. Manage endpoint security configurations
  4. Manage certificate expiration
  5. Manage certificate backup

Drushti SSL Certificate is customized one and you need to trust the identification and can tell browser to add exception and start trusting this site’s identification.