Cloud Zimbra at Drushti Data Centre. An enterprise Email and Collaboration Service.

Drushti’s Cloud Zimbra Email Services provide you the flexibility to Stay Connected and collaborate from anywhere, any device and time. We value our customers and are constantly looking for ways to serve them better. Zimbra provides a  full-featured, reliable and high-performance email solution.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a full-featured messaging and collaboration application offering reliable, high-performance email, address books, calendaring, task lists, and web document authoring capabilities.

Pricing Plans for Zimbra Email Services start as low as Rs 488/mailbox. Additionally We also provide complete Email Defense Integration to secure your Infra from Spam, Viruses and Malwares. Know more by calling at +91.9588495364

Zimbra Enterprise Mailing Solution With Big Size MailBox

Features Zimbra Google Apps
Throttling of emails No Yes
Task Sharing Yes No
Global / Company adddress list on desktop and web Yes No
File Sharing Yes No
Offline Client No Requires a 3rd Party Application
Daily Email sending Quota No Yes 500/Day
Zimlets – Web 2.0 Mash-up framework Yes No
Real-time over the air sync of Email, calendar, and contacts Yes, Seamless Integration Must use Google Apps or 3rd Party Tools
Email Archiving & Discovery for regulatory & legal compliance Yes No
Help Desk Support with Account Manager. A real live person! Yes No
Ability to restore deleted emails Yes No
Max mailbox quota No restriction 30 GB
Send Email later (Email Sheduling) Yes No
Block attachments domain wise Yes No
Attachment size Custom 25 MB
ReBranding Yes No
Delivery receipts Yes No
Outgoing mail filter Yes No

Benefits of Cloud Zimbra at Drushti Data Center.

  • Better reliability. 99.9% Uptime Gauranteed with SLA’s.
  • Cost effective Native
  • Easy to maintain as no System Adminstrator required inhouse.
  • Extensibility
  • All in one
  • Lower-Overhead Management
  • Server and Storage Consolidation
  • Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Save time
  • Freedom of Client Choice
  • Self-Organizing Mailboxes
  • Comprehensive Calendaring
  • Efficient context switching
  • Modern collaboration styles/formats

Why does one need Zimbra ? Some of the key reasons

  • One Inbox/Webmail URL Multiple domains.
  • Folders, Documents, Contacts Sharing
  • Subscribe to RSS/ATOM feeds
  • Online Chatting within the users.
  • Cost-effective – No need for Microsoft products and licenses to support Zimbra
  • Works with the iPhone, ActiveSync, and Blackberry. Plus additional features and security.

End-User Features of Zimbra

  • The Zimbra AJAX web experience works on any computer; email and files travel with you.
  • Large inboxes are easy to manage with Zimbra Tags, Conversation Views, and the Visual Search Builder.
  • Email, calendar, documents, files and instant messaging are integrated.
  • Over-the-air sync to iPhone and BlackBerry plus virtually any device via our mobile web experience.
  • Zimbra also syncs with Outlook, Thunderbird and any other standards based clients that support POP/IMAP and iCal/CalDAV.

Administrative Features of Zimbra

  • Migration tools, clustering, full backup and restore, extensive command line interface (CLI) and AJAX Admin Console give more security and span-of-control.
  • Web scalability, hierarchical storage management, and single attachment store make for economical deployment.
  • APIs to customize ZCS and integrate with other enterprise applications via web services; standards-based data formats and message storage mean no lock-in.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Active Directory and Exchange for split deployments or gradual migrations.
  • Zimbra has multi-tenancy, re-branding support and flexible class-of-service (CoS)- Zimbra can be run on-premises or hosted (we have hundreds of hosted email partners who can manage your deployment).